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Leigh Davies is an active composer and artist from the UK. His musical works are born through his involvement in interactive audiovisual technology. Treating his musical approach like the arrangement of several genres of visual art, his main influence leaks from the stimulus of colour, shape and movement.

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    • Another wander through the trees today :)
    • Would love to perform this one day! "NEBULA by Brian Schorn - is a graphic score for three improvisers. Using spray paint, dirt, and coloured pencils, the score creates a field of texture where three distinct outer zones appear around a central core. Each improviser selects a path to take from the shared, central core to an outer individual core. Along this path, the textures and forms are interpreted as musical material by each improviser. Dynamic range is the only given parameter and is determined by the black (sound) and white (silence) areas along the chosen path. As each improviser reaches their individual core, a frenzied, ecstatic solo begins." - from Notations 21.
    • As my first main oil painting study is almost finished, I will finally be looking at experimenting with, creating, and even performing with graphic scores over the coming months, with aims of collaboration with other artists and musicians and even merging paintings with new media and tech for interactive public exhibition. Watch this space!
    • Deep into graphic score study. Love these pavilion scores. Created for non musicians to perform the architecture of the spaces they're performing in!
    • My new synaesthesia study column. 8 random songs, 8 quick oil painting study's. Let's get started!
    • ...and the nearly finished oil painting :)
    • Leighseph and his Technicolorâ„¢ Dungarees!
    • First few episodes of #COSMOS to chase the blues away
    • Some path, some trees, somewhere.
    • Somebody post a vulnerable comment. I'm currently hiding under a bridge, and I will reply quite unpleasantly and become the most accurate internet troll ever...
    • C'mon lil buddy I'm rooting for you!! #sadplantman
    • Just a bookmark...
    • My new invention; The sofa balcony. I intend not to move for the rest of the day.
    • One minute I'm going for an early night, the next minute the dungarees are back on.
    • Who needs a holiday when you're painting drunk with the sun shining in!
    • Fantastic vibes at Thornwell Primary in Chepstow today. Last day before the Easter holidays and we're all sound hunting!
    • The last of this weeks painting therapy :) #phoenix
    • I think inks may be my new medium! #goodbyederekacorah
    • Long worky day today. Time for some more art therapy at home this evening. #phoenix
    • Rookie mistake, inks don't dry lighter like watercolours.... #beetrootbelly 
Happy with first ever ink colouring though.
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