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Feed – Abersychan High School Workshops

Tweet Since February, the Incidental team have had the pleasure to take Feed to Abersychan High School in Wales for a series of funded workshops supported by Head4Arts. The children played an integral role in not only exploring Feed and finding its performative capabilities but by being part of the development team, and contributing ideas [...]

Incidental – Elemental Project

Tweet In March of this year, my good friend Miles Warren and myself were asked to work on a project offered to us by David Gunn, Director of Incidental. After several preliminary meetings in which we discussing concepts of digital music interaction and possible methods of achieving certain ideas we began official work on the project: [...]

Yann Seznec – The Secret Sound of Spores

Tweet Recently, articles featuring projects that undergo the sonification of non musical objects/phenomenon have been featured at this site. This is due to the concept being partly present in my recent audiovisual project: Rayne. Well very much like ‘Alexis Kirkes – How to Play a Duet for Violin and Radioactive Particles’ , here is another [...]

Alexis Kirke – How to Play a Duet for Violin and Radioactive Particles

Tweet Controlling music with unrelated things is a wonderful concept. This idea is the basis for my project: Rayne, which uses real music to control real non-digital visual art. The reason I intended to embark upon developing Rayne was because of this promising concept becoming more achievable to creative individuals within the art/tech community. Alexis [...]

Rayne: The Making Of Documentary

Tweet After 7 months in the making it is finally here. Beginning it’s development in late june 2010, Rayne first kicked into life in the middle of January 2011 leading up to the completion of this documentary which began filming around october. …and a direct link to the vimeo film can be found here. I [...]

Rayne: New Solenoids!

Tweet Thanks to the extremely fortunate windfall from the Phones4u student grants competition I have been able to replace my old solenoids with ones purpose build for dealing with the flow of viscous fluids. These wonderful pinch valve solenoids are an absolute godsend for Rayne and they manage to deal with the flow of the [...]

Rayne: Finished Unit

Tweet After a few weeks of hardcore development for Rayne, the unit is now finished. It has been coated in black matte vinyl to simply neutralise it’s presence as a visual performance tool in order for it not to create any distractions from the coloured visuals that it will contain and display. It is also [...]

Rayne: Lightbox Water Tank

Tweet The first stage of the design and build of the Rayne chamber is looking great and is almost finished minus the adjustable legs and the final finishing touches and fixtures. This is the lower section of the Rayne chamber which holds the water tank used to collect the oil droplets. It supported above a [...]

Kinect-ing The Possibilities

Tweet As pretty much most of us already know, Microsoft’s Kinect was launched this week for the xbox 360. The overall reception of the very first selection of games seems generally quite good which is very pleasing to know – for such a great concept of gaming, it would be a terrible shame for it [...]

Phones 4u Student Grant Competition Video Interview

Tweet Heres the video from when the lovely people at Phones 4u awarded me with my cheque and interviewed me about my project. Good luck and all the best to the next two winners due to be announced in the next few weeks. I hope the money helps you guys as much as it’s helped [...]

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